2013-08-14 Mark Rutlandcache.S: fix max cache level detection psci
2013-06-05 Mark RutlandAdd simple PSCI implementation simple-psci
2013-06-05 Mark RutlandAdd code to clean and invalidate caches
2013-06-05 Mark RutlandFactor spin-table into its own file
2013-06-05 Mark RutlandFactor out secure GIC initialisation
2013-06-05 Mark RutlandFactor non-secure system initialisation
2013-06-05 Mark RutlandTest all MPIDR affinity bits
2013-06-05 Mark RutlandAllow support of multiple assembly files
2013-06-05 Mark RutlandAdd CURRENTEL_EL3 #define
2013-06-05 Mark RutlandMove EL drop definition out of boot.S
2013-06-05 Mark Rutlandgitignore: ignore build files
2013-06-05 Mark RutlandUse immediate offsets rather than post-increment
2013-06-05 Mark RutlandRemove unnecessary ldr from boot wrapper
2013-04-18 Christoffer... Allow CROSS_COMPILE override on the make command line
2013-01-10 Matthew LeachUpdate README
2013-01-09 Catalin MarinasTidy up the kernel boot arguments
2013-01-09 Catalin MarinasEnable the CLCD output
2013-01-09 Catalin MarinasChange the FDT_SRC file to rtsm_ve-aemv8a.dts
2013-01-09 Pawel MollUse the DTC Power(TM) instead of sed to inject the...
2012-09-12 Catalin MarinasInitial version of the AArch64 Linux boot wrapper